Colourpop Super Shock Cheek and Bronzer |Review|

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

20150529_141136Top Row: |GET LEID| |POOLSIDE| Bottom Row: |HAPPY HOUR| |EARLY BIRD|


20150529_141619Top to Bottom: GET LEID, EARLY BIRD, POOLSIDE, HAPPY HOUR



Where to begin? If you are an oh so faithful subscriber, then you will know that I’ve done a previous review on other Colourpop cosmetics, specifically their Lippie sticks (which are amazing) and did I mention ALL of their products are EXTREMELY affordable! Who doesn’t love a good buy for an awesome product? The Super Shock Cheek blushes and bronzers are $8 a pop (no pun intended), which is not that much more than one you would get from the drugstore. I actually saw a Rimmell bronzer the other day for over $9 so ha! And if you are new to the website and subscribe to their newsletter you get $5 coupon which pays for a Lippie stick, or more than half a blush/bronzer!

Ok, so the point of this post. Let’s dig in and get down to the nitty gritty. I’ll start with the blushes. First off, the formula of their products are so very unique, more so their eyeshadow and face products. They feel almost wet to the touch but then you swirl your finger in it and it feels almost mouse like. It’s so interesting and I really do love it! I picked up two really vibrant colors since we are heading into summer and I typically wear more rosy/muted blushes. The color ‘GET LEID‘ is a beautiful bright orange/coral and looks amazeballs on tan skin. The other color “EARLY BIRD‘ is hot rosy pink. I love love love this color, this looks great on fairer skin and tanner skin so it’s a win win for me. This gives you the look as if you’ve been outside running and have a flush to your cheeks. Although they look as if you could get really carried away really easily, they actually are more build-able and are so easy to work with. I find that using a regular blush brush doesn’t really do the job like I want so I suggest these two ways: 1) the good ol’ fashion finger tip. Swirl your finger into the product, pick up the desired amount and dab onto your cheeks and blend out using the warmth of your fingers and voila! 2) use a stippling brush, like this one or this one. Dab your brush in it, and blend it onto your cheeks.

Now onto the bronzers. I got POOLSIDE and HAPPY HOUR. Poolside is the lighter one and goes on so natural looking and is a satin finish. Meaning it’s not matte but it’s not shimmery so it will give a more of natural looking skin finish. Happy Hour is the darkest shade of the 6 or 7 bronzers that they have and I was kind of hesitant after I saw it in person and how dark it actually is BUT I love it! Even more so than Poolside. Happy Hour is a matte finish and builds up so easily so you can’t go overboard unless you are smothering it all over. But sometimes I think I want to smother myself in it because I love it that much. I want to put it all over my face, all over my body, I want to brush my teeth with it, bathe in it, travel the world with it. Ok ok ok I’m getting carried away but you get it right? To apply these I would recommend just the stippling brush only because it gives a smoother finish.

I have had both bronzers and the blushes on combination and it’s just my fav for the time being. So are they worth the $8? HELL YES.


p.s. Go check out my Youtube channel and see these products in action!

Until next time…