The time has come

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

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I was big talk a couple months back talking about going on YouTube and making a video and yada yada yada. Well folks, I finally backed that talk up and made my very first video. Thanks to my fellow friend and fitness blogger Caitlyn from Can do, Cait! who inspired me! She joined the big tube and I thought what better day than today? So that’s what I did. I am officially on Youtube as Blushfordays. Go find me and subscribe and watch my video!! I want/need honest opinions. I already know what I need to work on but I still would highly appreciate any feedback you have to offer. I’m a stuttering Stanley at times and I also sound a bit robotic but dang, it’s nerve racking making a video and knowing anyone can access it and trying not to look like a “big dull dud” (Friends reference, of course). So here’s my video. Watch it. Love it. Hate it. Rate it. Let a beauty blogger know.

Until next time…