Contour is the new black

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

OK, incase you haven’t heard or seen, contouring is where it’s at. If you didn’t know, contour, according to Google,means to mark (a map or diagram) with contour lines. Think of your face as a map, and you want to line out certain areas to look slimmer (contour) and bring some to look brighter (highlight). Everybody and their dog is coming out with a contouring palette or some type of product. Anastasia Beverly Hills began the trend last year when she came out with her Contour Kit and all other makeup brands are following suit. From creams to powders to sticks, there is something for everyone. The one I am going to talk about today is the Smashbox Step-By-Step Contour Trio. This one time, I saw Jaclyn Hill using the Contour trio, so I went and bought the Contour Trio (Mean Girls quote, duh. Sort of).  No, but really. Jaclyn Hill is the best makeup artist on YouTube and she gives great step by steps for all kinds of makeup tutorials. You know, just incase the one I’m about to give doesn’t cut it. Let’s be real, it will.

So why contour you ask? Well, do you ever wish your face was just a bit more chiseled out, or maybe your nose wasn’t so wide or that your forehead wasn’t a five head? I definitely have that problem. Well, consider contour your new bestie. When you contour, you bring something in or make it almost shadow like and you want to highlight attributes you want to bring forward (your under-eyes, the middle of your forehead and tops of your cheeks). Now let’s get in to this:

First, things first: Prep your skin. I use a mattifying primer along with a good moisturizer. Here I am in all my glory, makeup free and prepped and primed and ready for contour! (Don’t mind my messy hair)




Next, apply a pea size amount of a light foundation to your skin, to even your skin tone out.





You’re then going to take your contour stick and apply it right underneath your cheek bone, underneath your jaw line, your temple, middle of your forehead (or five head) and down the sides of your nose.

IMG_0686 2

IMG_0713 3

IMG_0710 3

IMG_0711 3

IMG_0682 2

Then it is time to highlight. Again, you place the highlight on the areas you want to bring forward. Right underneath where you contoured, your chin, the middle of your t-zone, and the middle of your nose.


IMG_0681 2

IMG_0709 2

IMG_0719 2

Now it is time to blend. I love using my beauty blender for cream contour and highlighting and I also enjoy using my real techniques expert face brush. Make sure your beauty blender is damp and then you begin by applying another pea size amount of foundation and begin to blend that into your contour and highlight lines. DO NOT SWEEP THE PRODUCT. Bounce it. It sounds weird, but trust me. Sweeping the product will just move it around and bouncing the beauty blender will make it go into the skin and look more airbrushed and natural.


IMG_0704 3

IMG_0706 4


You want to set any cream products with some kind of powder to ensure that it doesn’t move. A translucent one is a good option that way it won’t take away from the contour or highlight and it’s less work. Laura Mercier Universal Translucent Loose Setting Powder and Rimmel London Transparent are my favorites.

IMG_0680 2

Next, add some blush of your liking. Mine at the moment is the Charlotte Tilbury beach stick in Formentra.

IMG_0679 2


IMG_0677 2


And there you have it. Your brand new, chiseled face!

IMG_0676 2



Until next time…