Too many days, not enough ponchos

Saturday, January 10th, 2015










Outfit Details: |jeans/GAP, similar here| |boots/Sam Edelman| |poncho/Forever21| |lipstick/Nars Audacious Jane| |hat/Urban Outfitters| |ring/Silpada|

pictures by: Sheena Harrison

Doing some research, Sheen and I found out that the best time to take pictures is at dawn or sunset. After a snowy day and night, we decided to attempt taking pictures in a snow-covered field at dawn. Well, it was difficult. Not for her but for me. The sun was extremely bright and my poor baby blues just had a hard time with it. I was squinting in almost every picture and if I wasn’t squinting my eyes were watering like crazy. I look drunk in the majority of the photos, luckily Sheen was able to capture a handful or so of great shots. Oh, and I swear I have teeth. I guess I just didn’t feel like showing them this time :D.

Now, about this amazing poncho. I alway know when I have scored a great piece when I never want to take it off. I work, play, eat and sleep in it. Ok maybe not sleep, but I could because it’s that comfortable. I had a week-long intercession in which I was in class from 8-5 for 5 days straight. Well, the classroom was always freezing and I didn’t want to bring a blanket so I decided to wear this instead and it was the best idea. It really does keep you warm and not only that, every girl and woman I passed that day asked me where I got it from and if it was still in stores. Now, all I want to wear are ponchos and capes and big blanket scarves. Too many days and not near enough ponchos.

I’m having difficulty coming up with locations to shoot. If you have a good idea that’s not too far out of the way, please comment below and let me know! That’s all I have for now friends, until next time..