It’s not all what it’s ‘cracked’ up to be

Thursday, January 8th, 2015





Dried lips are just not what they are cracked up to be (pun intended). No body likes them and I don’t know about you, but this winter, these temperatures are drying my lips out like no other. They crack when I smile or sneeze (which is a lot, just ask Sheen) and don’t even get me started when I want to try to wear a matte lipstick, it’s not cute, just trust me.  Since they are so incredibly dry and cracked, exfoliation is a must if I want them to look presentable. I love this FRESH Sugar Lip Polish. It gets rids of the dry and scaly patches and also conditions them which leaves the lips feeling moisturized. I love to top it off with one of these FRESH Sugar Lip Treatments. They are named “treatment” for a reason, they truly make your lips feel brand new and the colored ones give off the perfect amount of tint. Albeit, they are a bit pricey, IT IS WORTH IT. It’s quality, not quantity, remember that next time you purchase makeup. Hope you all enjoyed this small tid bit, until next time…