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Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

I can’t believe it is already August! This year has flown by and I for one couldn’t be happier. It’s been a rough and exhausting year and I am ready for bigger and better things. Summer school is FINALLY over so I have about 3 weeks to get my blog game kicked up before I get overloaded again! I truly do love this blog and informing others on products I love, and tips and tricks and what not but it is time consuming. But have no fear, I am here to stay! Alright, now let’s get on for the reason of this post. These are my July makeup and fashion favorites I have been constantly grabbing for.


NARS Tinted Moisturizer: This product is perfect for my everyday in the summer. It is so incredibly light on the skin. Thanks to my proactiv+, my skin is much clearer than ever before so now I am able to wear products like this. It is not going to give you a lot of coverage at all. It is just going to balance out your skin tone and give you a healthy look. I like to pair it with a good under eye concealer and mascara and lipstick and call it a day.


MARC JACOBS Daisy Dream Rollerball: I first started wearing Marc Jacobs LoLa years ago and then I ran out and never repurchased it. I have tested other Marc Jacobs perfume  and do love them all. This is his newest fragrance and it is amazing. When I first swatched it in the store I though,”eh, it’s ok but i can do without”. After a few minutes, the smell just got better and better and as I was walking out I got a huge whiff of it and absolutely loved it and turned right back around and went purchased it. I like the rollerballs better than the actually size because I like to carry it around with me and this one is the perfect size.


fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Tulip: Ya’ll already know I am obsessed with all of the fresh beauty lip treatments. I HAVE GOOD REASONING! Trust me, I gave my sister a sample size of the Rose one and she is in love with it. This is one of their newest colors and it is gorgeous for a light makeup look. It gives you a good amount of a toned down pink, ideal for an everyday wear.


Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick in Melted Nude: If you don’t live under a rock then you will know that Kylie Jenner’s lip craze is what everyone and their mom is talking about. She posts pictures on IG wearing a 90s brown based nude and brown based liner. Well folks, this is a pretty good dupe for whatever color is it that wears. It is a darker nude and I think resembles that look very much, especially paired with Oak liner from MAC or Whirl liner from Mac.


bareminerals LASH Domination: Ok, when I first got this mascara, it was in a bundle and I already had my holy grail mascara so there was absolutely no comparing the two. This one was just ‘ok’, nothing special. Then after having it for a few months I decided to give it another try and I don’t know if i did something different or if it just gets better the older it is. This stuff is awesome. I already have longer lashes thanks to my gorgeous mom but this mascara just makes them longer and more voluminous. I would try to get my hands on a sample before you purchase it solely because mascara is different for every person.


Forever 21 Booties: SO WHAT if it is summer out, booties will never ever ever go out of style. Ok, they will probably go out next season but as for now, they are all I’m wearing. I pair these ones with shorts, with jeans, with my sweatpants and gym shorts. That’s how stylish theses are. Ok, maybe not the last two but you get the point.

That concludes this month’s favorites! What were some of yours? I would love to know. Post a picture on IG and hashtag #bfdinspiration. I love hearing about new products, even if they aren’t new in stores but just new to me in general. Hope ya’ll have a fabulous weekend and until next time!



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  1. Kristiana says:

    I keep hearing great things about the Nars tinted moisturizer. I must check it out one of these days.
    Kris | http://www.love-loft-life.com