Bold is Beautiful: Days 26/27/28

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Ok, five more days, five more days, five more days. FIVE MORE DAYS. I can do this. It’s only five days. Yeah right, I said that when I first started this challenge. It’s ONLY 30 days you can knock that out no problem. I guess I didn’t take into consideration how busy things would get this summer. Asi es la vida. (Means, “That’s life” in Spanish, just FYI). Now then, let’s get this rolling!

Day 26: Least Favorite Lipstick

photo 2-7

These are MAC’s LE Huggable Lipcolors. I am not for sure if these are still available. Even if they were, I would suggest you just pass on them. I always do a bit of research when a new collection comes out to see what it is all about. These are meant to be sheer finishes, meaning just a slight hint of color and that’s exactly what they are. I guess I just expected more but that’s all these are. Just sheer color with very little buildup. It’s my own dang fault but what can ya do? The packaging is nice and sleek which I do appreciate. All in all, these were a fail for me.

Day 27: Boldest Lipstick

MAC Flat Out Fabulous and Diva20140629_114223


imageNow that I went all around town badmouthing MAC cosmetics, I’m here to give them some credit. When they make a pigmented lipstick, they don’t hold back. I absolutely love that about their lipsticks. I went with two different ones that are my favorite to wear. The pink is MAC’s Flat Out Fabulous which took me forever and a day to get my hands on. It just became a permanent lipstick this past year. It is a very bright pink with a purple undertone and so perfect for summer and fall days or nights. It is a matte lipstick, which unfortunately is very drying on the lips but just keep some lip balm close by and you’ll be fine. The dark red/brown is Diva by MAC as well. I love this for the fall and winter time when a dark bold lip is in style. It has a brown undertone to it which is very popular at the moment, even if it weren’t, I would still continue to wear this because it is too beautiful of a color not to. This can be paired with MAC’s Nightmoth lipliner and they are a gorgeous duet together.

Day 28: Most Long Wearing

MAC Girl About Town 


I am a MAC junkie, ya’ll. This lipstick is awesome. It is crazy pigmented and it stains your lips so it’s not going anywhere. You can wipe it off all you want but it has some kind of magical staying power. This is a beautiful pink with a blue undertone, so your teeth are bound to look even whiter!

Well that’s all I have for this segment of #30daysoflipstick challenge. Stay tuned because I only have one more post left until this challenge is finished!! Man, I’m pretty excited to post about other stuff. DOn’t get me wrong, I love informing about my choice of lipsticks but I eventually want to take this a bit further 🙂 Be sure to subscribe here and stay tuned for my upcoming posts! Until next time…