Lipstick Challenge: Coral Craze

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Day 15: Corals

Corals are a fun color to have for the warmer months but it can be kind of difficult to find some that are very opaque but that’s ok with me because I like the sheerness of the corals I have. I say that but then some of them are actually very pigmented. From L to R- Kardashian Beauty Joy Stick in Sea Coral, Sephora- Glossy Lip Pencil in Orange, and NYX- Butter Lip Gloss in Peach Cobbler. I know two of the colors say Orange and Peach but I like to consider these corals because of the pigments themselves.


Day 16: Favorite Coral

Fresh: Sugar Coral Tinted Lip Treatment

coral fav4

Although this “lip treatment” is a bit pricey for well, lip treatment. It is so worth it! It gives off a wonderful tint of color while really rehydrating your lips. It is so extremely smooth when you put it on. It’s not like chopsticks where if you have chapped lips you automatically feel the texture of your lips. This, once applied makes everything so buttery smooth and soft that you will want every single one of these (they have many shades now).

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