Day 3 & 4 Lipstick Challenge

Saturday, April 26th, 2014

So, I’m a little late on posting but I kind of like it!  I’m combining days 3 and 4 that way, especially with this lipstick challenge, I’m not completely overloading your inboxes with new posts notifications ;). Ok, so here we go::

Day 3: Most Comfortable Lipstick

Urban Decay: Revolution Lipstick

I have to give it to this brand and especially this product. This line of lipstick came out last fall and when I first saw it, I wanted every single color. HOWEVER, I then actually bought one and I fell in love. My first color I bought was Naked. It’s this light nude with a beige undertone and absolute perfect for your lips. the formula is perfection, its not matte but it’s not glossy, it’s just right 🙂 It is so wearable, you don’t need any type of lip balm before hand like a lot of matte lipsticks do. So if you are in the market for something very comfortable I highly suggest this lipstick. I also have the colors Naked2 and Catfight. Naked 2 is another nude with a pink undertone, COMPLETELY different from Naked. Catfight is a bright vibrant pink with a slightly blue undertone (makes your teeth look white). It’s not an everyday color but I definitely love to add it when I wear a neutral eye.

20140425_202809Day 4: Best Packaging

Lime Crime 

This brand might be new to some of you let me explain. It is a line known for being vegan and cruelly-free, not only that but their color range is CRRRAAZZZYY awesome. When I say awesome, I mean in your face awesome. Some of the colors are a bit far fetch (yes Gretchen Weiners, I said fetch). Not very wearable colors but the colors that are, they’re wonderful. I first purchased their Red Velvetine last year after hearing all the rave about it on Youtube. It’s this perfect matte red that comes off creamy when you first apply it but then dries to a matte. But then I lost it. I was pathetically so sad about it. Don’t you worry though, I purchasd two other shades, Pink Velvet and Suede-Berry. I also purchased the lipstick Cosmo Pop. It’s a Peachy-Orange lipstick, absolutely perfect for Spring and Summer. I know I’m rambling on about the product but is this packaging not so great?? It’s a glass type bottom with a foggy coating with roses on the lid!

20140425_202647 20140425_202610

Well, that’s all for tonight! Let me know some of your favorites!! Don’t forget to subscribe here, and also, you’ll get a confirmation e-mail that you will need to confirm. Until next time 🙂