February Favorites

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Hello again! I know the last post was all about my winter favorites but this post is my February favorites. It is all about what products I have been loving all through out the month and why they have been so wonderful.


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1. Lorac Pro Palette [link]:: If you are like me, then you might obsessively watch one too many Youtube make-up video/tutorials, even so, this palette is raved about all the time and the raving is justified. This has all the colors necessary for any kind of look you are wanting. I love it for a day-to-day look. If you are all about warm neutrals (browns and bronzes, etc.) then I highly suggest this!

2. MAC Paint Pot in Quite Natural [link]:: This product is so unique! Paint Pots are typically used for a base for eye shadows, or some like this one can be used to fill in your eyebrows (which I used to do and it looked quite lovely) BUT I love love love love this to contour. In case you are new to the beauty world and are unaware of what contouring is, here is a little break down. You want to contour when you want to shade something. For example, if you want to make your cheek bones look more defined, you wan to put some kind of bronzer right below your cheek bone and blend upward. (If you want an in depth post about it post a comment and let me know!)

3. MAKE UP FOREVER HD Cream Blush [link]:: If you are in the market for a new blush, GO BUY THIS. There are so many shades to choose from and the formula is amazing. Not only that, but the stay power is unreal. On a normal day, my blush will fade after around 5 or 6 hours. I kid you not, this blush stays the entire day. Not 8-9 hours, it stays until I go to take it off and at the end of the day it looks just as good as it did when I first put it on. Cream blushes can be tricky to apply so I recommend using a blush brush and tapping it into the product with a light hand.

4. Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Loose Powder [link]:: I have been a bit of a Bobbi Brown snob this month but I am not ashamed of it. This loose powder is so wonderful for setting your foundation. It’s a sheer tone so it’s not going to look cake or too matte. It gives you just enough coverage so your foundation doesn’t move.

5. Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki [link]:: Like I have mentioned before, I have oily to combo skin so I prefer to touch my face as little as possible. I never use my fingers to blend my foundation, not saying that’s the wrong way to do so, it’s just not for me. The less I touch my face the less of a chance the oils from my fingers will transfer over to it. That being said, I use this brush to blend my foundation. It is another product that is raved about by all the big beauty Bloggers. This blends your foundation so beautifully and leaves your skin looking flawless.

6. Maybeline Instant Age Rewind Concealer [link]:: As the years pass and my future is brighter than ever, unfortunately my under eyes are a different story. They are beginning to have dark circles but luckily for me I found this amazing concealer! It’s so light and blends so effortlessly. (If you haven’t noticed, they key to most make-up tricks is to blend blend blend blend)

7. Sephora Nano Eyeliner [link]:: Having blue eyes I prefer to have a brown eyeliner over black and I found this and haven’t looked back! It doesn’t fade off of my waterline and really makes blue eyes pop.

8. Nars Instant Line and Pore Perfector [link]:: Some people don’t like using primers however, I am not one of those people. This primer blurs any pores and lines and makes your face a perfect canvas for your foundation.

9. Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara [link]:: Yes, you read that correctly. A mascara made JUST for your bottom lashes. No more trying to maneuver that big wand over those tiny lashes. This mascara has a wand that is fit for those lashes. It gets to the root of them and doesn’t clump.

10. Bobbi Brown BB Cream [link]:: For my day to day make-up I don’t like a heavy foundation so I wanted to try a BB cream. I have tried the Stila BB cream and I like it very much but this Bobbi Brown BB cream is just so smooth and gives just the right amount of coverage. It doesn’t feel like you have a ton of make-up on when you wear it which is one of the reasons I have been loving this stuff!

11. Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color in Rosy [link]:: Last, but not least! This lipstick is everything. It is the most perfect color for everyday wear. It’s not too red but not too pink  and not too warm and not too cool. I promise you, this is the most fabulous lipstick!

Did you have any February favorites? Let me know some of them, I would love to check them out! Don’t forget to subscribe, just enter your email and and you’ll get notified every time a new post is up! Until next time friends!